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The Ink Proofer design is widely used by ink manufacturers and printers as an essential quality control tool.

The 200 x 50mm prints produced are used for colour checking as well as measurement of density, penetration, set-off and drying.  They may also be used in conjunction with IDM's Ink Rub Testers for rub and abrasion testing.

The proofer comprises of one Inker and one Printer unit, which are also available as sparate items.

Inker Unit: is a three roller design, consisting of one aluminium drive roller, one aluminium reciprocating roller, and a rubber distribution roller.  This roller combination provides quick and uniform distribution of the ink. An arm is arranged to hold the Print disc in contact with the rubber distribution roller to give an even transfer of this ink to the Print disc.

Printer Unit: The inked up print disc is transferred from the Inker unit to an arm above a motor driven impression roller on the Printer unit. The substrate to be printed is then placed between the impression roller and the print disc on the printing ledge. A printing pressure of up to 1000N may be applied to the Print disc by means of a sliding weight on a graduated bar. Pressing and releasing the print switch provides one revolution
of the Print disc.

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Inker Unit: H30 x W35 x D16.5cm (13kg) Printer Unit: H31 x W35 x D19cm (12kg) OPTIONS: • EPDM covered print discs and distribution rollers for UV inks. • Print Disc adhesive blankets, available in widths between 10 and 50mm. • PVCN covered distribution rollers for conventional inks. • Roller stands, Plastic Print carriers, Ink Pipettes.
• Quick and easy to use • Reliable, Versatile, Portable • Repeatable results • Print on a variety of substrates • Very little training required • Low maintenance