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Series WDS

WDS digital universal testing machines are suitable for tensile, compression and all other special load tests for various materials.

With optional accessories, it is also easy to test bending, shearing, peeling, friction, tearing, puncture and hardness of test specimens.   Standard accessories include:

  • Flat tension grips
  • Compression Plate
  • Control card and display unit
  • Installation tools and cables

Both single column bench top operated units (0.5 to 5kN capacity) and double column floor mounted units (10-20kN capacity) are available.

* Alloy * Composite materials * Electrical wire and cable * Plastic * PVC * Rubber * Springs * Thread * Wood
The machines are calibrated to ASTM E4 and ISO 75001 international standard, however, by adding different attachments the machines will conform to: * ISO 527 * ISO 8295 * ISO 37 * ISO 178 * ISO 6892 * ASTM D412 * ASTM C1161 * ASTM D882 * ASTM D885 * ASTM D918 * ASTM D1876 * ASTM D4632 as well as force and extension JIS, DIN, BSEN testing standards.
* Range of Testing Force: 0.001-0.5kN to 0.40-20kN * Accuracy of force: ±1% of indicated value * Resolution: 0.001 as test value * Resolution of crosshead displacement: 0.01mm * Speed range of crosshead: 0.01mm/min to 500mm/min (servo control) * Crosshead range of movement: 0-1050mm * Testing area: 900mm * Power: 220V; 50/60Hz (converter can be supplied for 110V)
Additional accessories are available at any stage: * Large deformation extensometer * Computer interface and software * custom test fixtures