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The  PGX+ is  a  compact,  video-based  instrument  that measures  the  wetting  and  absorption  of  virtually  any size  or  shape  surface  without  the  need  to  prepare sample strips. Eliminating the need to cut your material makes it ideal for any product that is difficult to cut such as rigid components, drywall board, glass or the inside of  a  container.  It  also  performs  nondestructive  testing so can be used on expensive materials without damage.

Determine the static contact angle at “equilibrium” or use a  sequence  of  images  to  measure  the  dynamic  wetting, rate of sorption and spreading as a function of time. The PGX+ software measures surface tension of the test liquid, calculates  the  surface  energy  of  a  solid  and  includes  a report generator.  The PGX+ is connected directly to the USB port of a laptop or a desktop computer.