Computer Controlled Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines

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UH64 Series
  • Adjustable Test Space Gap - 3 Level test spaces - Tool-free adjustment - Test space enlargeable by customer's requirements
  • Hydraulic Tension Clamp - Automatically clamp by hydraulic drive - Wedge clamp auto-lock - Round and flat grip changeable for different samples
  • Cross Beam - Driven by motor and worm-gear - Heavy duty design, long life testing - Remote control up & down and clamping 
  • Extensometer - High precision for deformation sensor - 0.4% to 100% test range of full capacity - 5,10,25,50,100,200,250mm gauge length - 1%, 5%, 10%, 25%, 50% deformation range of gauge length
  • Compression and Bending Space - Spherical seat compression plate - 3 or 4 point bending selectable
  • Hydraulic Loading Cylinder - Micron level clearance sealing instead of O-ring sealing - Hydraulic sensor easy to maintain and change
  • Pressure Meter - For equipment safety - Loading pressure indicated - Clamping pressure indicated
  • Oil Temperature Control - Real time temperature indicated - Auto cooling when heavy duty testing 
  • Software - Used in all popular Windows OS - Multi-language supported by order - Excel test report - Microsoft access data base supported - Multi-curve supported for test data - Rp0.2, Rt0.5 calculated automatically - User programmable and parameter settable for all different test standards - Automatic calibrating
  • Control Card - PCI or PCI-E slot - Double input channel of resolution of 1/300000 A/D - Two digital input channel - 4 pair digital bit input and pair bit output - Pulse out put to servo driver - Load, deformation, displacement 3 close loop control

Standard Accessories Supplied 
o Tension Test Fixtures (up to 50mm wide)
o Compression Test Fixture (Ø100mm)
o 3-Points Bending Test Fixture
o Extensometer (gauge length: 50mm, deformation: 25mm) 
o Hydraulic Pressure Sensor
o Control Card
o Servo Valve
o Encoder
o Software
o Installation Tools

Other optional and custom fixtures are also available