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MARK-10 3i Series Basic Force/Torque Indicators
3i Series

The 3i digital force/torque indicator is designed to work with a wide range of Mark-10 remote force and torque sensors (see page 3). With exclusive Plug & Test technology, all calibration and configuration data is saved within the sensor’s smart connector, not the indicator, allowing for true interchangeability. In addition, all sensors are fully compatible with other Mark-10 indicators.

The 3i shares its menu structure and most specifications with Series 3 digital force gauges. The sampling rate is 2,000 Hz, producing accurate results under a wide range of test conditions. A backlit graphic LCD displays large characters, and a menu is available to access the gauges’ features and configurable parameters. The display also features an analog load bar for graphical representation of applied load, as well as set point indicators for pass-fail testing. USB output is provided for data collection purposes.

The gauges include MESURLite data acquisition software. MESURLite tabulates continuous or single point data. One-click export to Excel allows for further data manipulation.

* Accuracy: ±0.2% of full scale + sensor * Sampling Rate: 2,000Hz * Power: AC or rechargeable battery * USB Output: Configurable to 115,200 baud * Includes: Carrying case, USB cable, certificate of conformance
PLUG & TEST TECHNOLOGY INTERCHANGEABLE ATTACHMENTS : * Series R01 Tension/Compression Sensors * Series R02 Compact Compression Sensors * Series R03 Inline Tension/Compression Sensors * Series R04 Miniature Tension/Compression Torque Sensors * Series R05 Ergonomics Testing Push/Pull Sensors * Series R50 Universal Torque Sensors (fixed Chuck) * Series R51 Universal Torque Sensors * Series R52 Static Torque Sensors * Series R53 Closure Torque Sensors * Series R55 Torque Sensors