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The Thickness Gauge for High Loft Products has been designed to measure the thickness of high loft nonwoven material, by means of a digital readout.  Thickness is determined by observing the linear distance that a moveable plane is displaced from a parallel surface by the specimen while under a specified pressure. 

Thickness is one of the basic physical properties of Highloft Nonwoven fabrics.  In certain industrial applications, the thickness may require rigid control within specified limits.


• Highloft Nonwoven Fabric • Textiles
• ASTM D5736-95 (2001) • ISO 9073-2
• Accuracy: 0.1mm • Range: 200mm x 0.01 • Mass: 288g • Platform Scale: 2,000 x 1g • Presser foot: 300mm x 300mm • Sample Size: 300mm x 300mm • Base Support Frame: 400mm x 400mm • Digital Load Indicator • Vertical Height Adjustment • Electrical: 220/240 VAC @ 50 HZ or 110 VAC @ 60 HZ • Dimensions: 500mm x 450mm x 450mm • Weight: 40kg
• Easy to use • Fast results • Accurate