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The Tablet Friability Testing is used to determine physical strength and mechanical stress tablets are able to withstand.  Test samples are counted and weighed then tumbled in rotating drums with baffles.  When the process is stopped; samples are moved out from the instrument, wiped-off dust and weighted again. The difference between the weight before and after the process is determined as Friability and should not exceed 1%, which is considered an ideal percentage.


Drum Diameter: 286mm

Drum Depth: 39mm

Tablet Fall Height: 156mm

Rotation Speed: 25r/min

Rotation Count: 100r

Continuous working hours: 24+

Power: 10V/220V ; 50/60Hz

Dimensions: 30 x 200 x 340mm

Weight: 6kg

• Medical / Pharmaceutical
• National standard (Pharmacopoeia of China) /2015 • Corporate standard (Disintegration Tester) Q/12XQ0189-2010
• Single drum runs • Stops automatically after reach the timing count • The drum is made of high quality hyaline acryl • The speed and rotation count are fixed values, while the real data can displayed on the LED screen