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Stiffness Tester

The Stiffness Tester evaluates the flexibility and bending resistance of paper and paperboard in both machine and cross machine directions.
The sample is clamped in the pivot block to allow for left and right measurement of the bending resistance at the free end of the sample in grams.

For standard samples, the bending resistance is measured at a pivot angle of 15°.
For specimens that break or crease at 15° (eg paperboard), the bending resistance is measured at a pivot angle of 7.5°.

Range 0 – 2000g
Accuracy ±0.03%
Digital Display g/cm
Bending Angle 15° or 7.5°
Test Time 15 seconds
Sample Size

  • 38mm x 70mm (1.5inch x 2.75inch)
  • ​38mm x 76mm (1.5inch x 3inch)
• Paper • Light Metallic Foil • Laminated Plastic • Cardboard • Wire • Other flexible materials up to 5.5mm (0.219inch) that do not exceed 10000 Taber Stiffness Units.
• TAPPI T489 • TAPPI T556
• RS-232 • Calibration Weight
Benefits: • Easy to use • Fast results • Accurate