Static Load Tester for Carpet

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This instrument provides a procedure for the determination of thickness loss of textile floor coverings after prolonged heavy static loading.

A small test specimen is subject to a prolonged, heavy static loading treatment and the thickness is measured before loading and

after various recovery periods.

• Applicable to all textile floor coverings of uniform thickness and construction. • Does not apply to other textile floor coverings.
• AS 2111.2 • AS 2281 • BS 4939-1987 • ISO 2094: 1986 • ISO 3416-1986
• Table-top operation • Presser Foot: 35.55mmØ • 15 x Clamp Specimen Plates: 100mm x 100mm • Air supply: 50 psi • Dimensions: 210mm x 1,000mm x 220mm • Weight: 20kg
• Easy to use • Fast results • Accurate