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JDC Series

The JDC cuts test strips to an exact width and parallel throughout  their  entire  length.  The  positive  cutting action  of  the  dual  blades  and  precision  ground  base shear  cut  both  sides  of  the  sample  at  once  assuring you  of  a  clean,  accurate  cut  every  time.  The  cutting blades  are  made  of  special  tool  steel  which  is  stress- relieved by cycling between cold and hot temperatures to prevent the blades from warping.

The JDC cutter is designed to last for many years and a  reconditioning  service  is  available  that  provides  the capabilities  of  a  brand  new  cutter  for  half  the  cost. Reconditioning  includes  regrinding  the  cutting  blades and providing a new base shear.

* Paper * Paperboard * Metal foils * Nonwovens * Films * Tissue
* Various
* Cutting Specifications: Width: 1/8 in to 3 in (3 mm to 76 mm); Fixed Length: 10 in (254 mm), 12 in (304.8 mm), 16in (406.4mm) * Overall Dimensions (Depends on cutting configuration): 6 in W x 22 - 24 in D x 15 - 22 in H(152.4 mm x 559 - 610 mm x 381 - 559 mm) * Parallelism Tolerance: ±0.001 in (.0254 mm)
* Lightweight and portable, the JDC can also be anchored via the cast iron base for added stability and operator safety. * Reconditioning Service includes: regrinding side blades and new base shear.