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C0025 Series

The Ruler Type Cutting Dies are used for cutting of plastic film, paper and rubber samples used for tensile and tear testing (dumbbell, trouser, etc).  They are manufactured with a ply backed knife-edge, and can be manufactured to suit various international test standards.

• Plastic Film • Paper • Rubber
• BS2783 • AS1301.404 • AS1683.11 • AS1180.2 • AS2282.7 • ASTM D412 • ASTM D470 • ASTM D624 • ASTM D638 • ASTM D1004 • ASTM 1660.2 • ASTM D1822 • ASTM D3574
• Used for low volume work • Custom made to suit requirements
• IDM Ruler Type Cutting Dies can be used with all IDM cutting Presses