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ProTear Electronic Elmendorf Tear Tester
Electronic ProTear

Based  on  the  classic  design,  the  ProTear Testers  quickly  and  accurately  measure  the  tear resistance  of  sheet  materials  including  paper, textiles, roofing products, film and foils.

The  ProTear  Tester  offers  several  capacity configurations ranging from 200 to 25,600 grams.  Capacities  can  be  changed  quickly  and  easily with  augmenting  weights.    This  configuration eliminates  the  necessity  of  multiple  pendulums and simplifies the testing of different material.

The  electronic  model  provides  several  enhancements over the mechanical model.  All test results and statistics are calculated automatically and displayed on the built- in  screen.  An  RS-232  port  enables  test  results  to  be transmitted to a printer or computer.  Other standard features of the electronic model include air-actuated pendulum release and sample clamps, microcomputer-assisted pendulum balancing and a membrane switch display panel. 

The  control  panel  provides  one-touch  clamping  and test  capabilities.  Other  functions  include  data  entry  of sample information such as sample ID, thickness, basis weight, sample direction and number of plies being torn. The  “Units”  key  enables  the  simple  configuration  of result units.

ProTear Heavy Duty Elmendorf Tear Tester

* Sheeted materials * Paper * Plastic film * Textiles
* ASTM D295 * D752 * D4247 * D1424 * D1922 * D5734 * TAPPI T414 * TAPPI T496 * BS 2782 * BS 4253 * BS 4468 * CPPA D.9 * DIN 53862 * DIN 53128 * ISO 1974 * ISO 6383-2 * ISO 9290 * EN21974 * SCAN P11
* Digital encoder ensures accurate results * Electronic balancing of pendulums * Configurable display shows test information and software menus * RS232 output * Quick capacity change with augmenting weights * One touch pneumatic clamping and pendulum release available * Dimensions: 483 x 398 x 578mm * Weight: 15.5kg
* Three models to choose from: Mechanical, Electronic & Heavy Duty