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ProGage Thickness Tester

The ProGage utilizes the most advanced technology to quickly and  accurately  measure  the  thickness  of  sheeted  materials such  as  paper,  plastic  film,  tissue  and  toweling,  nonwovens, and textiles. The ProGage features a dual speed pressure foot which  enables  it  to  perform  up  to  20  test  cycles  per  minute (based  on  configuration)  while  maintaining  a  high  degree  of accuracy.  The  anvil  design  ensures  excellent  parallelism  as well as zero stability and calibration.

The ProGage can operate in conjunction with other instruments or  be  controlled  remotely  through  a  computer  terminal  via  a RS-232 port.

Data  Acquisition  Software  (DAS)  is  a Windows®  based  optional  software package  that provides the ability to collect data  and  perform  additional  statistical analysis.  DAS  enables  you  to  plot  results real  time  against  defi ned  limits,  generate semi-custom  reports  and  export  test  data to  other  spreadsheet  packages  for  further management.

* Non-Wovens * Paper * Plastic Film * Textiles * Tissue
* ASTM D374 * D1777 * D645 * D6988 * TAPPI T411 * BS3983 * BS4817 * EN20534 * ISO 534 Preferred Method * ISO 3034 * ISO 4593 * ISO 12625-3 * DIN 53105 * DIN 53353 * EDANA 30.4-89
* Auto push-button zero control * Dual speed setting for test cycle increases samples measured per minute * Rigid mechanical design ensures zero and parallel stability * Stores up to 99 samples - average, high, low and standard deviation * Single or continuous cycling mode * Push-button unit conversion: mils, microns, millimeters, inches * Adjustable travel height * PC compatible - RS232 port STANDARD PRESSURE FEET: ■ Paper Foot: 0.630” (16mm) Dia, 50.33 kPa■ Paper Foot 0.630” (16mm) Dia, 100 kPa■ Film Foot: 0.250” (6.35mm) Dia, 51.71 kPa■ Tissue Foot: 1.406” (35.7mm) Dia, 2.0 kPa■ Nonwoven Foot: 2.221” (56.4mm) Dia, 0.5 kPa■ Other feet can be made to meet a wide variety of sizes and weights.