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1737 Series

Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Measurement Made Simple

The O2 & CO2 sensors provide accurate and drift-free measurement of head space for closed packages and cans, as well as being well suited for continuous improvement analysis.

The oxygen sensor is automatically zeroed whenever the sample is from ambient air and only requires calibration gas for the ppm level sensor. 

The Carbon Dioxide is also zeroed whenever the sample is from ambient air and uses a simple keyboard operation for the span calibration.

Sample gas flow rate is measured using a true mass flow sensor and allows the unit to maintain a constant flow rate and alarm if there is a blockage.


The operator does not need to touch the analyser once the product has been selected.  Each time the sample gas returns to ambient air, the alarm levels are checked, the minimum/maximum measurements are stored and the display is updated.


  • 1737-1   Oxygen measurement only (0.1 to 25%) MAP packaging
  • 1737-1C   Oxygen & CO2 measurement (0.1% to 25%) & Carbon Dioxide MAP packaging
  • 1737-3C   Oxygen & CO2 measurement (0.1 to 96%) & Carbon Dioxide MAP packaging
• Flexible Packaging • Food Packaging • Pharmaceuticals
• BlueTooth data uploads • 200 Product categories • Power or battery operation • Sample Gas Flow measurement & control • Large graphic display • Performs automatic zero calibration when reading ambient air • Data memory for 3,700 measurements