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AKUSTRON measures the air permeability of filter papers, nonwovens and textile fabrics within seconds. Easily transportable, this unit is ideal for monitoring material on the production line, inspecting incoming material on-site and on-going quality control in the lab. Constructed of the most rugged materials, the AKUSTRON withstands the demands of constant usage.

Automated testing ensures there are no user related variables. The sample is inserted into the slot, and the lever is pulled forward. This clamps the sample and begins the testing automatically. The method of measurement is based on two, long-life approved speakers. The speaker in the lower enclosure generates an oscillating air-column which displaces air through the test sample. A second speaker in the upper enclosure works as a sensor and measures the amount of air that passes through the clamped sample. 

Software is included and automatically displays the test data into an already opened spreadsheet. The data can also be downloaded directly to a company’s existing quality control program.  The ease of operation ensures highly repeatable results and studies have proven that the results correlate accurately with DIN 53 887, DIN 53 120, ISO 9237 and ASTM D 737-96. A brass test-plate is available to check the accuracy on a regular basis.

• Nonwovens • Filter Paper • Textiles • Webbed Materials
• DIN 53 887 • DIN 53 120 • ISO 9237 • ASTM D 737-96
• Hand lever for automated testing • 14.2mm digital display • Brass test plates • RS232 interface cable option
The measurement is completed in about 3 seconds, and results are shown immediately on the integrated digital display. An RS-232 interface is able to send the test data directly to a PC.