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Package Shaker Vibramax

The VMX-5500 machines are larger sized package  shakers designed for the laboratory simulation of typical  harzards present in distibution environment. Its rigid platform with adjustable restraining fences moves in a 25.4 mm peak to peak vertical sinusoidal motion and applies a uniform vibration input over the entire test specimen.  

The vibration frequency is linearly adjustable within the range of (2-5)Hz (120-300) rpm so user can test a package under its exact ressonance frequency, achieving maximal destrutive performance in minimal test periods. These machines enable  the  assessment  of  external  and  internal  packaging. Rugged  machine  design  ensures  a  reliable  operation  with  maximal durability and minimum maintenance.  

The VMX-5500 has a remote control panel for comfortable and safe operation, with a programmable digital timer for testing time (1 - 999 min).  

  • VMX-5500V - Vertical motion type
  • VMX-5500R - Rotational motion type


ASTM D-999/A1, ISO 2247/B
Platform Size: 1,500 x 1,500mm