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Ozone Test Chamber

The Ozone Test Chamber consists of one main unit and a sub-unit.

The main unit is inclusive of the operational panel, ozone generation module, ozone detection module, air flow module, cooling compressor, testing chamber, activated carbon cylinder, electro-mechanical system.

The sub-unit is equipped with an IBM compatible PC, monitor and printer.

* ASTM D1171 * ASTM D1149 * DIN/EN 27326 * ISO 1431 * ISO 10960 * JIS K-6259
* Fully computerised: Ozone concentration, temperature, chamber humidity and its stability are controlled and dynamic monitored via computer. * Ozone concentration recorded automatically which ozone being detected automatically 0.1 sec one time and being displayed on the computer screen per 2 sec. * A modulus machine which simplifies equipment maintenance. * Testing Chamber Capacity: 150L. * Testing Chamber Dimensions: (L)60x(D)50x(W)50cm. * Temperature Control: SU316 radiator type heater & PT1000 platinum sensor with PID control. * Air-ozone Velocity over specimens 0.3-1m/s. * Specimen Rack: with 9 specimen gripsTension distance: 0-90mm, adjustable * Tension frequency: 0-30 times per minute, adjustable * Rotation revolution: 50Hz – 8 revolutions per minute ; 60Hz – 10 revolutions per minute * Ozone Generation: High voltage anticorrosive ceramic plate. * 25-250pphm (extensible as option). * Ozone Concentration Accuracy: 2% of full scale. * Ozone Destruction: Activated carbon. * Temperature Range: -20°C to +100°C (±1°C). * Temperature Uniformity: @40°C is ±3°C. * Electrical: 220/240 VAC @ 50/60 HZ. * Air Compressor: with oil filter and humidity filter to be supplied by the user.