Oscillating Disc Rheometer

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Oscillating Disc Rheometer

Special designed rheometer for silicon rubber testing. With VCH software, the accuracy of die oscillating frequency and torque transmission can be checked automatically. The U-CAD software provides contour lines of physical properties to help the users choosing excellent formula matching easily. 


• Silicon Rubber
• ASTM D2084 • ISO 6502
• Providing S', S", S*, ML, MH, CRI, loss angle, tangent δ, etc. • Plots and % of compounding homogeneity variation. • Excellent reproducibility and repeatibility by our exclusive DSP analyzing program. • Automatically calibrate loss angle and torque. • High sampling rate up to 1200 points per one oscillating sign wave to reflect the curing and chemical interaction. • Automatic zero adjustment at every start of testing. • High speed temperature recovery.