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MB Series
  • EASY TO SET UP & OPERATE: The MB90/MB120 utilize a touchscreen display with icon-driven menu navigation, and the more compact MB23/MB25 units have a custom backlit LCD
  • HALOGEN OR IR HEATING ELEMENTS: MB25/MB90/MB120 boast a fast and even heating halogen lamp while the MB23 uses a glass free IR heating system
  • ADVANCED FUNCTIONALITY: The MB120 features a temperature guide, program parameters to set up 100 different types of samples, a large 1,000 result memory and a 3-level user management system, where settings can be locked for a main user.
  • COMPACT DEISGN: MB23/MB25 are designed with an even smaller footprint to take up less space.  Their easy to clean chamber is ideal for frequent use and inexpensive maintenance.


Optional Accessories:

  • Pan Holder MB120/MB90
  • Sample Cage
  • Temperature calibration kit
  • Compact thermal printer
  • Printer paper reels
  • Printer Ink Ribbon
  • In-Use cover
  • RS232 cable and adapter
  • RS232 cable, PC 9 pin
  • Aluminium Sample Pans (80 per box)
  • Reusable 7mm Sample Pan (set of 3)
  • Reusable 14mm Sample Pan (set of 3)
  • Filter Pads, Glass Fibre (200 per box)
  • Anti-Theft Device