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The Melt Flow Indexer is a dead-weight extrusion plastometer.  It consists of a thermostatically controlled melting chamber (the barrel) in which the polymer under test is heated and from which it is extruded through a standard die under standard conditions of load, which is made up of the combined weights of the extrusion piston and the loose weight both of which are carefully calibrated to well within the most stringent limits.

• Plastics
• BS2782 • ASTM D1238: Procedure A • ISO 1133
• BARREL: Precision ground and honed. Manufactured from high grade tool steel for longer life; 50.8 mm outside diameter; 9.55 mm inside diameter; 162 mm long. • TEMPERATURE: The temperature of the barrel is controlled by the Precision Digital Temperature Controller. Temperature Range: 100° - 300°C, ± 0.2°C; 100° - 400°C, ± 0.2°C • PISTON: Diameter: 9.47 mm; Weight - 100 gm. • PISTON WEIGHTS: 4.9 Kg weight (1); 2.06 Kg weight (1) • Sample Cut Off Knife (1) • Die Remover (1) • Die Cleaner (1) • Cleaning Tool (1) • Filler Tool (1) • Level (1)
• Easy to use • Fast results • Accurate