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As the # 1 supplier to the mattress industry we have supplied to some of the world’s largest and most renowned mattress manufactures including:  A.H. Beard, Elite Strom, Original Mattress Co., Select Comfort, Sealy, Simmons, Tempur and more.
The MRDT has been designed to determine the durability of any type of Boxspring, Innerspring, Latex or Polyurethane mattress, by simulating long-term use conditions.
The M0015 has eliminated the need for a large moving cross beam, providing a safer, smaller work area with less moving hazards.  Operation height is lower, minimizing lifting of mattresses and making it easier for loading and un-loading.  The roller traverses from side to side across the mattress simulating a realistic sleeping action.  Adjustable travel limits are fitted to allow for easy setup for different mattress sizes.
Also available is the option of having the Mattress Compression Testing feature, saving on space and the need to remove the samples as they can be tested for firmness in the same machine.   With the added fixture, all Foam ILD & IFD and spring compression tests can be performed to international standards.