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F0030 -M1 - M2

IDM’s Foam Resilience Tester determines the resilience of flexible cellular polyurethane. A steel ball is dropped vertically on to a test piece and the rebound height measured and expressed as a percentage of the height dropped.

The F0030-M1 is an economical resilience tester, where the steel ball is mechanically dropped, and the rebound result is captured by eye against the scale.

The F0030-M2 is a full digital model where once the ball is dropped the result is automatically captured on the touch screen, with the advantages of great repeatability, digital test results, statistical data and a USB port for exporting.

The Digital Foam Resilience Tester uses an electronic sensor to detect the impact of the steel ball on the foam sample. Using data from the repeated impact, the IDM Software calculates the rebound value. After each test, the rebound value is displayed on the touch screen.

• Flexible Cellular Polyurethane • Visco Foams
• AS 2282.11 • ASTM D3574 – Test H • ISO 8307 • JIS K 6400 • BS EN ISO 4651 • DIN EN ISO 4651 • EN ISO 4651 • BS EN ISO 8307 • DIN EN ISO 8307 • ISO 8307 • BT/T6670 • GB 10807
• 2 x Ø16mm Chrome Steel Ball • Adjustable feet – for levelling • Height Adjustable Test Tube • Magnetic Ball Release M2 ONLY Features: • 7” Touch Screen – for control and test display • Test Report Generation - Microsoft Excel • Statistical Data (min, max, mean, deviation) • 1 x USB port – for saving test reports • Magnetic Rod for ball retrieval