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Foam Constant Load Pounding Machine

The Constant Load Pounding Machine is used for the determination of loss in thickness and loss in hardness of flexible cellular materials intended for use in upholstery. 

This test provides a means of assessing the service performance of flexible cellular materials used in load-bearing upholstery. The test can be performed on both standard size test pieces cut from stock material and shaped samples.

The test is performed by the indentor repeatedly compressing the test piece. A pneumatic cylinder is mounted inside the machine, raising the base platen to pound against the circular indentor. A set of weights are fixed on top of the indentor to give a repetitive load against the sample. A maximum load of 750N per cycle is run for 80,000 continuous load cycles at 70cpm according to international standards. The machine also performs standard tests with viscoelastic memory foams at
10cpm for 12,000 cycles according to ASTM D3574. This machine can be set for 0 to 999,999 cycles. 

For added safety, the sample area is fully enclosed, with limit switches put in place so all operation is ceased if the door is opened, ensuring no harm come to operators.

• Foam • Seating • Polyurethane
• AS 2282.12 • ASTM D3574 • ISO 3385 • BS EN ISO 3385 • DIN EN ISO 3385 • EN ISO 3385 • JIS K 6400
• Plane Platen • Indentor, diameter: 250 +/- 1mm 25 +/- 1 mm radius • Maximum force of 750 +/- 20 N • Speed: 70cpm setting - 70 +/- 5 cpm | 10cpm setting - 10 +/-1 cpm • Stroke adjustable • 2 x 20 Kg Weights • 1 x 10 Kg Weights • 2 x 5 Kg Weights • Up / Down Indicator • Counter • Regulators • Start / Stop • Timer • Emergency Stop Switch • Air: 600kpa - 800kpa (Air volume sufficient to operate for an extended period of time) • Electrical: 220/240 VAC @ 50 HZ or 110 VAC @ 60 HZ • Dimensions: 1,800mm x 880mm x 760mm • Weight: 300kg
• Easy to use • Fast results • Accurate