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The  Handle-O-Meter  measures  “handle”  which is  the  combined  effects  of  flexibility  and  surface friction  of  sheeted  material  such  as  nonwovens, tissue,  toweling,  film  and  textiles.  The  data generated  has  been  shown  to  correlate  well with  the  actual  performance  of  the  material in  production  processes  and  finished  product performance.

Test modes can be  quickly  set for  single, double or  quadruple  measurements.  The  average  is automatically  calculated  for  double  or  quadruple tests.

Advanced  software  enables  the  unit  to  compute and display qualitative analysis of the test results including  averaging,  standard  deviation  and  the high & low readings of a series of tests.

• Sheeted material • Non-Wovens • Textiles • Tissue • Film
• ASTM D 2923, • ASTM D 6828-02 • TAPPI T 498 • INDA IST 90.3
•Touch screen controls • Adjustable slot openings: 5, 10, 20 mm and 1/4 in • Interchangeable beams: 100 gram & 1000 gram • Auto-ranging • Statistical analysis • RS-232 output and serial port