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C0032 & F0011

The Flat Crush Test evaluates the resistance of flutes in corrugated board to a crushing force applied perpendicular to the surface of the board.

Low flat crush values may reflect poor formation of the corrugations, Substandard materials, or damage to the corrugations after they are formed.

The Flat Crush Test requires the use of the Flat Crush Test Fixture to prevent lateral movement of the upper portion of the test piece during compressions and also the Flat Crush Test Cutter which can cut through the corrugated structure, leaving clean cut edges at right angles to the faces.


• Corrugated Fibreboard
• AS/NZS 1301.429s • TAPPI T825
• Changeable blades • Easy operation • 4 pin location points F0011: • Height: 62mm • Radius: 97mm • Weight: 1.5kg C0032: • Height: 120mm • Radius: 130mm • Weight: 2.0kg
• Easy to use • Fast results • Accurate