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The Falling Dart Impact Tester covers the determination of the energy that causes Polyethylene Film to fail under specified conditions, with the impact of a free-falling dart.  This energy is expressed in terms of weight (mass) of the dart falling from a specified height, which would result in 50% failure of specimens tested.

For example: Using Method A, the unit employs a dart with a 38mm diameter hemispherical head, dropped from a height of 660mm. This unit may be used for films whose impact resistance requires masses of approximately 50gms to 2 kg to fracture them.


• Flexible films
• ASTM D 1709 • JIS K7124 • AS/NZS 4347.6 • GB 9639 • ISO 7765-1
• Bench-mounted system • Pneumatic clamping of films • Two Darts as per method(s) required • Adjustable dart drop height • Foot Switch for dart release • Brass Weight set supplied • Stainless Steel Cutting Template 200mmx200mm • Air Supply: 60psi • Electrical: 220/240 VAC @ 50Hz or 110 VAC @ 60Hz • Dimensions: 1,140mm x 440mm x 500mm • Weight: 30kg OPTIONS: • TEST METHOD A: Aluminium Dart Head - 38mm (50g), Drop Height – 660mm, Brass Weights supplied - 2x5g, 8x15g, 8x30g, 8x60g • TEST METHOD B: Stainless Steel Dart Head - 50mm (280g), Drop Height – 1500mm, Brass Weights supplied - 2x15g, 8x45g, 8x90g • Custom Brass Weights available upon request • KINETIC ENERGY OPTION: ASTM D4272, Total Energy Impact of Plastic Films, The existing F0008 unit is mounted on top of the Kinetic energy catch box where two switches measure the fall time difference which is displayed on an instrument panel as time.
• Easy to use • Fast results • Accurate