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EK3 Ergonomic Test Kits
EK3 Series

These MARK-10 Test kits test push/pull strength and functional task requirements up to 500 lbF (2,500 N).

These kits make job task analysis and ergonomics analysis simple and accurate, ideal for workplace design, strength assessment, and ergonomic studies. These kits present the ergonomist and other professionals with a simple and economical testing solution.

The kit includes a force gauge with data output, MESUR™ Lite data collection software, and a USB cable.

The kits are available in 100 lbF (500 N), 200 lbF (1,000 N), and 500 lbF (2,500 N) capacities.

• Series 3 Force Gauge • USB output cable and driver • Peak force capture for push and pull forces • Battery or AC operation • Double and single handle cradles • Padded attachments (flat, curved and square) • Carrying case • NIST traceable calibration certificate • MESURlite software to export data to an excel spreadsheet
• Accuracy of 0.3% • Durable construction for longevity