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The Drying Cabinet provides a gentle drying solution, suitable for wool, silk, shoes and other delicate textiles which would not normally be placed in a traditional tumble dryer.

The cabinet offers 16 metres of hidden hanging space and provides special hanging solutions as well as a dedicated shoe rack. Foldable pull-out hangers sit in the centre of the cabinet and offer flexible loading and unloading.

With a drying rate of 17.5g/min and a 3.5kg loading capacity, the Drying Cabinet also features a reinforced and sound insulated door for convenient and non-intrusive drying.

It features a minimalist interface design, and the handle is crafted from high grade aluminium.

• Wool • Silk • Shoes • Textile samples
• Drying rate of 17.5g/min • 3.5kg loading capacity • Timer • Temperature selection (drying cabinet) • Remaining time indication • Temperature, low/normal • Airing (fan running 2 s/min for 2 h) • Timesaving, 12 min • Delayed start, 1-24 hrs • Time program (0.5-12 hrs) Programs • Auto dry • Auto normal dry • Auto extra dry • Warm Towels 120min • Cold Dry, max 12hrs • Drying Time, max 6hrs • Time Selection
• 16 meters of effective drying space, so you can dry more items in this small footprint cabinet • A large variety of modes