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For standardized disintegration of pulp suspensions, this robust, well-proven disintegrator is very simple to operate. The upper part of the unit is balanced, and can easily be opened with just one hand in order to place the disintegrator pot beneath. The disintegration process begins as soon as the start button is pushed. Two safety devices prevent agitation starting without the container. When the preset number of rotations is reached, the unit switches off automatically. The number of rotations is automatically reset to zero.

The disintegration container is filled with water and the pulp is added. The disintegrator pot is placed on the disintegrator and the upper part moved down until it engages. The standard number of rotations is pre-set (30,000 or 10,000 rpm). They can also be adjusted if required however. The disintegration process begins when the start button is pressed, and it ends automatically when the preset number of rotations is reached. After unlocking and opening the upper part, the disintegration container is removed. The disintegrated pulp suspension is then ready for further processing.