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The  XJU-22S unit adopts the technology of a photoelectric encoder to examine angle, measure material absorption, energy and impact intensity of the material in the course of breaking.  

This machine determines intact energy, loss detection and revision functions, high precision and stability, and a large testing range.   


* Non-Metal Materials * Ceramic * Plastic
* ASTM D256 * GB/T1043 * GB1834 * ISO180 * ISO 9854 * JB/T8671
* Velocity of impact :3.5m/s * Rising angle: 160° * Impact radius: 0.322m * Distance between striking edge to upper surface of clamps: 22mm * Pendulum: 5.5J; 11J; 22J * Round angle radius of striking edge: R = 0.8mm * Power Supply: 1 Phase, 220V, 50/60Hz