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CellFlex Digital Foam Resilience Tester

The ball rebound test determines the resilience of flexible cellular polyurethane. CellFlex is a Computerised version of the standard ball rebound resilience test.

Ball rebound value is expressed as a percentage of the drop height. For example, if the rebound height is 20 cm the rebound value is 40%. The rebound value gives an indication of the resilience or elasticity of the foam sample.

The higher the value, the greater the resilience of the foam. CellFlex uses an electronic sensor to detect the impact of the steel ball on the foam sample. The built-in electronics measure the time interval between the first impact of the ball and the second impact after the rebound. The Cellflex software calculates the rebound height from this time interval. After each drop, the rebound value is displayed on the computer screen.

F0030 Foam Resilience Tester - Manual is also available.

• Flexible cellular polyurethane
• ASTM D3574 - Test H • ISO 8307 • DIN EN ISO 8307
• CellFlex Unit • Software on CD ROM (compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7) • USB and mains power connecting leads • 2 x 16mm dia. chrome steel balls • Magnetic rod for ball retrieval • Instruction manual
• Easy to use • Fast results • Accurate