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YG825E Series

This apparatus is used to determine the resistance of textile fabrics

to penetration by water at a constant rate of increase of pressure.  The hydrostatic pressure supported by a fabric is a measure of the resistance to the passage of water through the fabric.  A specimen is subjected to a uniformly increasing pressure of water on one face, under standard conditions, until penetration occurs in three different places.  The hydrostatic pressure at which water penetrates the fabric at the third place is noted.

Measuring Range:    

  • Model YG825E-10 / 0 – 100kPa (Accuracy ≤±0.2%)
  • Model YG825E-20 / 0 – 200kPa (Accuracy ≤±0.5%)
  • Model YG825E-50 / 0 – 500kPa (Accuracy ≤±1.0%)

Pressure Area: 100cm2
Display Units: Pa
Testing Mode: 5 Methods (GB, ISO, EN, AATCC, FZ)
Water Tank Capacity: 1000ml
Power Supply:  AC220V, 50Hz
External Dimensions: 56 x 41 x 50cm
Weight:  55kg

• All fabrics which are water repellent or coated to impart resistance to water penetration.
• GB/T4744-1997 • ISO 811 • EN 20811 • AATCC 127 • FZ/T01004-91